Saturday, December 8, 2012

Test Scent - Spring Candle Notes

When I wrote my blog back on  Thursday, December 6th

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I did share the new SPRING TEST SCENTS  because I was then given the okay to......and those who follow me, saw it here on both of my blog sites as well as on the Facebook Fan page that day.  My posts here are open to the public as well as the FB fan page although anyone blocked by me on FB won't be able to see them sadly.

I am glad to be able to share these little bits of BBW stuff from my corner of the world.   Like I have said before, it's just me doing the research, writing and LOVING this stuff.  And I must be doing something right for others to use my ideas and legwork which makes us all benefit in the long run.

I had placed my order that day and slowly but surely the packages are arriving.  I was shocked to see FED EX pull up to my door today to drop off not only new test scent candles but that adorable penguin Wallflower from the one store that had him.   I love the FEDEX man and UPS.... they bring the bestest present packages...even if I am paying for them.. haha.

Any way.... back to business.  I will get these burning and write my thoughts and get the pictures of the candles posted.....  Yay spring! 

MELON--  dewy fresh picked melon is a  of fragrance profuses sweet kiwi, delicate mint and watery notes.

GARDEN FREESIA-- the scent of freshly cut freesia blends flawlessly with violet petals and a touch of sandalwood.

PALM BEACH COOLER -- ready for a cocktail sunshine?  this blend of bright berries, sugared grapefruit and fresh coconut is perfect for a day of serious lounging.

GARDEN BOUQUET-- the prettiest flowers from your local farmers garden.  hyacinth, white rose, lily and jasmine turn this fragrance into a delicate delight.

LILY POND --a common fragrance of a water garden is conjured up by light touches of waterlilies and musk.