Friday, December 7, 2012

Test Scents - Forest line

  • FOREST Line:

    • Woodland herb---lush green fragrance reflects the splender of woodland herbs by blending sage & forest woods with a touch of cinnamon & spice!

    • Moss and Cedar Flower---A fragrance that embodies the mossy heart of the forest with earthy notes of climbing moss, cypress and vetiver

    • Dark Berry & Bark--- A medley of dark berries and rich, earthy woods transports you deeply into a fragrant and shaded grove of the forest.

    • Wild Vetiver---blend of vetiver, green leaves, neroli, coriander and a touch of black pepper.

    • Blackforest Wood---An aromatic blend of white fir, juniper, blackberry oak and forest berries conjures up one of the worlds most magnificent forests

    • Enchanted Woods---A rich blend of chestnut, maple, nutmeg, creamy musk and vanilla bark that transports you to the most magical part of the woods.

    • Red Oak Tree--- An impressive blend of apple, red oak, white cedar and a hint of agave fragrance celebrates the majestic oak tree.
    Alleghany National Forest in North Western Pa.