Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Deluxe Gift ~ $250.oo

When I was in my store this past Monday picking up my Twisted Peppermint things the manager brought out the DELUXE gift, for me to see….a large pedestal filled with numerous layers of BBW products wrapped up in cello for a price tag of $250.00.
She mentioned that it wasn’t yet available to be put out, even though I saw one in another store for sale…..
Each of the layers of this gift are cardboard circles with cutouts to hold each item individually….all sitting atop of a large pink/red cake plate. Having all of these products on hand, I thought it would be a nice way…on a much smaller level of course….to wrap up gifts instead of baskets.
I know in our bakery supply stores here in town as well as the five and dimes, you can find those cake plates for the base. And if you have a cook or baker on your gift list buying a really nice cake plate/server will be an extra present!
As soon as I have a minute I will post my version as well as the one pictured in the holiday gift guide and in store.