Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sparkling Blackberry Woods 11/14/12

Something that I have been writing about for sometime after I discovered it on the trademark page, I finally have a bottle of it in hand. It is not set to release for a few weeks yet so watch for it sometime after Thanksgiving maybe or next month for sure. I heard that there will be a weekend sale of this lotion at a great price but only the lotion, sort of a way to hype up its release.
The fragrance notes are:
top- juicy blackberry, sparkling mandarin, succulent raspberry
mid- honeysuckle petals, vanilla orchid, blushed peony
dry- cocoa woods, caramel patchouli, warm musk
When I tried it, I smelled the sweetness of the berries first. As it became more dry on my skin, I smell the woodyness and the musk.
To me, it smells like Sweet on Paris relabeled.