Sunday, December 2, 2012

New Pocketbacs, Special delivery Boxes and more

I am just in from another wonderful day out shopping among alot of other Bath and Body Works enthusiasts. The stores in the malls are jampacked full of crazy shoppers each one out to outdo the next person and grab all of the things they think they need for their Christmas gift giving and if a little pushing is involved, haha, so be it. I stood on the sidelines until the shoving was over.

First, a few more scent notes I missed for the new candles coming or out in some areas. I did get both the large jars as well as the smaller jars in boxes and I like them both. The large jar lids are textured and deco patterned and the smaller jar labels are different....more texture look to match the box.
  • new york, new york-apple
“A scent of red apple blossoms with a touch of golden amber. big city, big dreams, big apple.
  • carribean escape-white sands and vanilla
“Our specialty mix of creamy coconut milk, raw sugar cane, and a touch of sweet casaba. shake, stir and relax its half past cocktails.
  • london calling-tea and lemon
“A royal blend of tea, lemon and sugar. great traditions from across the pond
  • paris daydreams-city of love
“Our oh, so french blend of watery notes moss and mandarin. imagine a day by the Seine the city of love.”
  • morrocan market-amber incense
"Our blend of amber, patchouli and black sandalwood. The mystery and the magic of insense and spice.
  • meet me in tahiti-cocktails and coconuts
"The lush fragrance of Tahitian petals, monoi blossoms and vanilla. Let's run away to Paradise!"

There are seven new pocketbacs out so far and each one smells as delicious as its name.  And if you didn't already grab these, make note the price on the pocketbacs is now $1.75 each before the 5/$5.00 sale.

There was also a new small tote gift bag with the truck on it this time and I loved the last one so much I got this one as well.

I saw this new packaging in the holiday catalog and could not wait to see it in person.  Coming in at $6.00 a box, it is adorable and I did buy two.  They are collapsible with a magnetic closure and are meant for gift giving anything really, but designed to hold two 3 wick candles.  They also hold YANKEE candles quite nicely.

And yes, I was back for more Flawless.  The feel of this lotions is a more dry feel and much softer than signature item products.  There is a gold pearl-like look to it, not a shimmery glittery look.  $16.50 a bottle I would use survey coupons or free item coupons to help the cost.. I did get my lip gloss (24k) below for free. I tried it...after struggling to get it out of the packaging and for the first squeeze alot of the clear product came out first. There is only a thin band of the gold in the middle.

The next floorset is coming next weekend already and the stores are ready to get the Sparkling Blackberry Woods things out.  I could have purchased all of those today as well as some 3 cheers items but I decided to save some for next time I am there.