Wednesday, December 19, 2012

question answered

I need to keep my comment box closed on my blogs as some think we are still in high school and use it as a place to be mean spirited so I have been getting some questions emailed to this blogs email account regarding some pictures I posted a few blogs ago regarding the SAS peek. I prefer to not respond back to emails.

So for Dave who has asked me twice regarding a particular item and someone else I am not sure of a first name as the id is not a name, I am not sure what exactly will be online and in stores for SAS but those pictures I have posted showing Aromatherapy items are exactly as I have seen and if there are Milk and Honey and Black Chamomile shown there (which they are) there is a great likelihood they will be out.  I too am a huge fan too!.

All I can say is check the stores and online as soon as you see it posted on because those will sell quick.

Thanks for writing.   
much love