Saturday, December 1, 2012

Store Book - New things are a-comin’ 11/17/12

I was lucky enough today to get a look at the new book of things to come and I must say for this late into the shopping season there are still some nice things coming.
  • First and foremost Contrary to what you may have been told=====
Strawberry Sparkler
Jinglebellini ARE returning for the new years, end of year fragrances.
  • There is another 2012 Luminary coming out….I saw its picture and it is a large (to hold 3 wick candles) snowman done in silver and white ceramic sitting atop a sled. Fabulous and a must get.
  • there are BOXED wallflowers coming in a snowglobe, snowflake and double snowflake
  • Paris for men is coming out for 11/25/12 one day only at a $5.00 price (when the line releases it will have the usual products : lotion, shower 2 in one and body fragrance)
I saw the newest candles that are coming:
And I love their labels….bright and inviting and wil come out in 3 wicks as well as boxed.
  • new york, new york-apple
  • carribean escape-white sands and vanilla
  • london calling-tea and lemon
  • morrocan market-amber incense
  • meet me in tahiti-cocktails and coconuts
  • paris daydreams-city of love
These will come in special gift boxes done artistically, and there are fancy deco lids
There is also a TOP TEN VIP BUCKET filled with awesome products such as: paris fine fragrance mist, JCB shower gel, white citrus lotion, kitchen lemon hand soap, Euc. mint candle, true blue spa cream, sponge and more.
There are adorable gift boxes available this coming week….that look like mailing packages where the top is magnetic and you can fill them up with two 3 wick candles. Perfect for gift giving.
There will be an adorable TRUCK set up for monday…a red pickup truck (to mach the key chain I got a few weeks ago) and it will be filled in the back with gift products and ideas.