Thursday, December 20, 2012

paradise found and the deal of the day

Last years January release of new and fun was January 16th and the theme was called Tropical Carnaval.  This years new item release date is scheduled for January 14th and the theme is called Paradise.

Both conjure up images of coconuts and warm breezes, fruity drinks and grass huts; something we all will be ready for when the snow begins piling up outside our doors here in the Eastern states and we have had enough of shoveling.  Some of the new line of test candles being out also showcases that paradise feel....and I can't wait to post the new signature lineup!

I must say in trying all of the new candles, and I have....with the exception of one, I am finding the fragrances to be strong, and the burn perfect.  The only one I returned so far was LILY POND.....  I never took the time to even burn them as the scent cold was horrid to my nose.   And I have photographed lilies on the pond and I have smelled them.....and no where did it come close to what that swamp water candle tried to pass off as lily pond..... haha. 

So that is a month away. okay three weeks.  Until then we will be looking for before Christmas sales, looking for after Christmas sales and searching the big blue bins from "tropical carnival" last year. 

And because it was is a repeated deal of the day.... dual packs of wallflowers.....

So skip the repeat and save some money for January....we will be ready by then to start thinking of finding....our paradise....
much love.....

Photo: TODAY'S SPECIAL DELIVERY: $5 Boxed Wallflowers TODAY ONLY in stores!   *Offer valid 12/20 only.

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