Sunday, December 2, 2012

Stacked Tower gift option by me

I saw the $250.00 stacked gift set in the store and thought I would try to make a smaller version for a few kids gifts.  It is a trial and error process when you don't have the exact items but I did enjoy putting it together and look forward to doing more of them.
I needed the base, and short of stopping at a cake shoppe to get a cake plate cheap and the posts to hold up the cardboard layers, I went to the malls five and dime and found a plastic bowl like shape on a pedestal.  $1.49.
I used that to get the circular shape to cut a cardboard circle for the base layer and second layer....and trimmed the second layer as small as I would need.  A gift wrapping paper tube would become my center support.  I cut out my shapes, and covered each in gift wrap paper matching the bow I wanted to use.
I cut the tube ends in three spots, making tabs that would be taped down inside of the bowl.  I then filled the bowl with red sparkle basket filler, and cut an x slit into the base layer.  I then slid the base circle over the tube.  A few pieces of tape to secure it to the bowl and I was ready to tuen it upside down, and tape down my tabs on the opposite end of the roll to the smaller top layer.
NOTE: depending on what your base is going to hold, make sure you cut the paper roll long enough to accomodate the items.  When I first cut the tube, I tried taping it to the base layer and found it too floppy.  It needed to be in the bottom of the bowl coming up through it to support it all.  When I put it through the base, it was a tad too short.
I used double stick foam and stuck each of my items in the places that I wanted.  I then used tape to secure the tops to the top layer and the bottom of the items to the bottom of the bowl.
I added a bit more glitter filler for sparkle around my items, and wrapped in clear cello (nice large roll at Michaels for $6.00 with 40% off coupon) and added a pocketbac holder, bow and gift tag.
Like I said this was my first, my prototype and the next ones will be a bit neater and much easier to put together.  The one in the BBW store has garland wrapped around the two trays hiding bare edges.  I gift wrapped my cardboard so that wasn't needed.  But it would look adorable for a girly girl gift with pink feather boas or garlands.
 I will be opening this, and redoing it a bit, tweaking any flaws I see.  It's for one of my bff's daughters and I want it perfect.  I think I am going to add a penguin Pocketbac holder instead of the one pictured, keeping with the entire theme. 
Here's what's inside:
  • penguin socks
  • polar bear fluff large antibac hand sanitizer bottle
  • love love love lotion
  • love love love shower gel
  • pink sugarplum lotion
  • pink sugarplum shower gel
  • penguin nail file
  • 2 lip glosses
  • penguin Michaels tree ornament
  • snowman scentportable with refill inside
  • pocketbac hanger with believe pocketbac
  • I need to reopen it to add the pink shower puffy.....I forgot to put on top of ornament.  ;)
I wil repost when redone as well as the others I have to make.  I hope this got your creative juices flowing.....   Happy Towering....